Operations Practices

Establish effective operations practices to minimize abnormal situations and plant safety incidents

Staffing Assessment

Rationalize your staffing decisions with an objective analysis of requirements

Workplace Design

Structure your work environment to ensure an alert operations team and efficient work flow

Human-Machine Interface Design

Design your HMI for effective situation awareness and timely interventions

Member of the
Abnormal Situation Management Consortium


Improve the safety and productivity of the industrial work environment, establish a collaborative work atmosphere with our customers and colleagues, and maintain high integrity in all relationships.

Recent News

  • HCS is pleased to announce that Michael Mueller is the newest member of Human Centered Solutions.
  • HCS is currently engaged in alarm rationalization projects with several U.S. refineries in 2024.
  • HCS is currently supporting a site-wide DCS modernization project, providing the functional design specification, Level 1 overview displays, and Level 2 operating displays for 15+ console positions.
  • HCS worked with two pipeline operating companies in 2022-23 to develop their new SCADA HMI design philosophy and style guide documents to better support controller situation awareness and consistency with the forthcoming revision to API 1165.
  • HCS conducted controller workload assessments for several pipeline operating companies, based on PHMSA CRM regulation requirements.
  • HCS and the ASM Consortium have published a new ASM Guideline document,¬†Effective Change Management Practices in HMI Development, available to the public on Amazon.com
  • HCS and the ASM Consortium have published a new ASM Guideline document, Effective Operations Practices, available to the public on Amazon.com.

Our Team

Our team has a broad range of skills and experience, enabling us to provide each client with a customized scope of work unique to their requirements.

Our vision is to dramatically transform the nature of plant operations, improve the effectiveness of the business, and enhance the quality of life of the people who staff it.

Common in all of our work is the application of our knowledge of human factors, plant operations, industry standards, effective practices, regulatory requirements, and lessons learned from active research with the ASM Consortium as well as from incidents and near misses reports in the process industries.


What We Do

Human Centered Solutions is a human factors consulting company with expertise in developing solutions that address human needs and capabilities in the workplace.

Our core competency is the application of human factors principles and human-centered design methodologies to optimize the influence of culture, organizational structures, management systems and use of technology on operator and plant performance.

With our active involvement in ASM Consortium research, we also pioneer advances in effective application design and operations practices that we transition into the plant operations environment.


Recent ASM Activity

HCS is an active leader in the ASM Consortium Program.

HCS partners are currently leading a research project on the effective use of integrated trending in the operator HMI.

HCS has also performed significant roles in recent ASM research, including:

For more information on these projects or the ASM Consortium, please contact us.