Operator training, operations practices and HMI developers workshopsOur standard and custom workshops provide knowledge and experiences about effective practices in plant operations from the human perspective as impacts process safety and plant performance.

Our workshop service is typically delivered at the beginning of a new control building project, or if a plant has uncertainties about the effectiveness of their current operational practices, the service can help in deciding to initiate a project. In addition, workshops facilitate the creation of a shared vision among key organizational leaders and staff that is general to the industry and specific to a company’s operational interests.

In addition to providing custom workshops for your organization, Human Centered Solutions also offers the following workshops periodically.  If you have an interest in one of these topics or another topic related to our expertise, please watch for our announcements or send us a message indicating your interest for a workshop in your area.

Improving Human Performance in Operations

A Management/Supervisor Seminar

  • Understand industry effective operations/process safety practices
  • Discover techniques to improve team situation awareness
  • Learn principles of effective HMI development and design

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Designing Effective Operator HMIs

A HMI Developers Workshop

  • Understand development failure modes
  • Learn about human perceptual and cognitive capabilities
  • Study  foundational principles in good HMI design
  • Discuss strength and weaknesses of existing designs

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Building Individual & Team Situation Awareness

An Operator Training Workshop

  • Understanding situation awareness
  • Situation awareness failure modes
  • Situation awareness practices
  • Troubleshooting techniques
  • Upset response protocol
  • Team practice exercises

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